Thunderbirdz Snare Drum

P10_T13_1Thunderbirdz 13″ Snare Drum
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Whether you play country, rock, or jazz, put the thunder in your playing. Brass hardware accents gold thunderbirds inlaid on the rich black finish of these handmade steel snare drums. the solid brass lugs were designed by drum technician Ken Brandt (Nashville, TN) and metal specialist Don Hartman (Wapello, IA). They reduce extraneous vibration and dampening. The throw-off is from Nickel Drumworks, USA, a design of Greg Nickels (Seattle, WA). It received “Modern Drummer’s” “New Product of the Year Award” in the year 2000. The throw-off provides a positive locking system and allows a maximum adjustment of 7/8″. The snare drum shell is one piece of 1/8″ carbon steel painted inside and out. Evans Orchestral 300 and Centered Reverse Dot heads are used. ThunderbirdZ snare drums produce a rich, bright, controlled and defined ring. Reward your musical achievements by giving yourself a ThunderbirdZ snare. You deserve it. Professionals owning a ThunderbirdZ snare include David Northrup (Travis Tritt), Mike Caputy (T. Graham Brown, John Rich), Brian Pruitt (Tim Rushlow, Mark McGuinn, Mindy McCreedy), Doug Johnson, and County Q Recording Studio. We can mount your initials on the shell or paint it a custom color (please contact us for pricing on these options). Own a ThunderbirdZ snare.

P10_LUG_1Thunderbirdz Brass Lugs

Our own design one-piece solid brass snare drum lug. One bolt (not included) attaches it to your drum to reduce vibration and better the sound. Bass lugs with spacer washers available.