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  • The easy way to clean your hairbrush.
  • It’s the secret to saving time in your salon.
  • It’s the gift that will make you remembered all through the year.
  • Make your hairbrushes Hair Free!
  • Handicapped, elderly, arthritic, and others with limited-motion wrists appreciate this electric device to remove hair from hairbrushes.
  • L x W x H = 8-1/2″ x 7-7/8″ x 7-1/2″ @ approx. seven pounds shipping weight.


People from all over the country tell us how much they like their Hair Free. Following are just a few samples of the feedback we have received from our customers:
“I just love it (my Hair Free)! It makes my life a lot easier.”
-Susan McLellan, Hair Stylist, Shelburne, Vermont
“The most fantastic thing is the time. The Hair Free gives us extra client time and reduces the time spent for cleanup. It is easier to disinfect our brushes after running them through the Hair Free.”
-Dorothy Malcolm, Cosmetologist, Wapello, Iowa
“I can’t believe I didn’t know about this product (Hair Free) after all the years I’ve been a stylist! Now I have one, and I love it!”
-Kimberly Patterson, Hair Stylist, Granby, Colorado
“I purchased my Siline & Johnson (power) brush cleaner in 1955 . . . I cannot tell you how many hairdressers down through the years have used it. I could never give it up! Words cannot express how pleased I am with it.”
-Harold Wagner, Hair Stylist/Salon Owner, Dayton, Ohio
“I have used the power hairbrush cleaner (Hair Free) for over 30 years. I have had hardly any trouble with them and when we did they were fixed immediately. I would highly recommend the unit to anyone cleaning hair from brushes.”
-Bill Hill, Owner, Bill Hill’s School of Cosmetology, Fort Madison, Iowa

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Hair Free Hairbrush Cleaner P10_HF_2
Item Price:$ 79.95
Don’t clean your hairbursh by hand! Use this fun device to save time, energy, and money. Driven by an electric motor, the Hair Free hairbrush cleaner uses a specially designed rotating nylon brush to clean your hairbrushes quickly and easily. The gentle nylon bristles won’t harm hair brushes or your fingers. It is easy to operate – just press the switch, slowly move your hairbrush over the rotating cleaning bristles, and VOILA! A clean hairbrush. Backed by a one-year warranty. Black only.


Hair Free Replacement Brush P10_HF_RB_1
Item Price:$ 12.90
Replacement rotating brush for the Hair Free hairbrush cleaner. Hair salons may wish to have a backup..